Vishnu R Nair

Painting the world with code

👋🏻 Hey, I'm Vishnu. It's nice to meet you! In my capacity as the sole Business Intelligence Analyst at Tidewater Midstream (opens new window), I am entrusted with the strategic development and meticulous upkeep of the entirety of our data infrastructure, encompassing all operational domains. My role necessitates close collaboration with stakeholders across cross-functional teams, facilitating seamless end-to-end production support and maintenance for an intricate web of data pipelines, dynamic dashboards, and resilient databases. These collectively underpin the bedrock of proficient data administration, decision-making, and analytical exploration.

I previously worked as a Data Scientist Intern in the Data Science Division (opens new window) at Statistics Canada (opens new window). I led the creation of end-to-end ML systems that forecasted electric vehicle adoption rates in British Columbia, leveraging a vast dataset of over 170 million vehicle registration records.

The primary objective of these systems was to identify areas with the highest potential for future electric vehicle adoption, thus enabling strategic planning for critical infrastructure requirements, including charging stations. This ensures we meet the escalating demand for electric vehicles while proactively addressing the challenge of potential grid overload resulting from increased electricity consumption.

# Projects

  • Imagen: Created an end-to-end image generation web app using Stable Diffusion model, FastAPI, and Docker. (FastAPI, Docker, Deep learning, Python)
  • NBA Player Analysis (opens new window): Conducted NBA player analysis using K-Means, PCA, and various ML techniques to identify top fantasy basketball players. (Python, ML)
  • DistilYT (opens new window): Developed an application to summarize YouTube videos in real-time using YouTube Transcript API and BART, reducing video-watching time. (Deep learning, Python, PyTorch)
  • HomerBot: Implemented a Discord chatbot using DialoGPT that generates Homer Simpson-style responses. (Deep learning, Python, PyTorch, Repl.it)
  • Ratatouille (opens new window): Created a recipe generator utilizing GPT-2 to suggest recipes based on leftover ingredients. (Python, PyTorch)
  • FaceID (opens new window): Engineered a face recognition system using Siamese Networks with minimal training data. (Python, Keras)
  • Medical Image Generation: Developed a GAN-based approach to generate brain CT scan images, overcoming data sharing barriers. (Python, Keras)
  • F1 Statistics and Analysis using Tableau (opens new window): Analyzed historical F1 statistics and visualized the results using Tableau. (Python, SQL, Tableau)

# Volunteer Experience

  • Code for Sacramento as a Data Scientist
  • Data for Good as a Data Volunteer
  • Orcasound as a Data Scientist
  • Viz for Social Good as a Data Visualisation Volunteer

# My Educational Qualifications 🎓

  • Master’s in Data Science and Analytics at the University of Calgary, Alberta
  • Bachelor’s in Technology in Computer Science at the Vellore Institute of Technology, India

# If you'd like to reach out about a project, collaboration, or want to say friendly hello, here are my socials. 💬